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Discover which faith based coaching option(s) best meet your need. The range of services includes coaching past the offense individual, group  and/or a 15 minute complimentary session. We look forward to investing into you!

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Coaching Past the  Offense

Details are listed  below

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"Never let an offense stop your purpose!"

Author Tiffany Moore

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PLEASE  NOTE: All coaching sessions must be booked 48 hours prior to the requested event. Any sessions booked outside of these guidelines will be rescheduled.

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What You Need

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Giving God Back His Word

Let's get started! This course will remind you to trust God's word over your life, while explaining the importance of giving God back his word through scripture. These sessions will assist you with searching scriptures, how to apply the scripture while standing in expectation of the word of God. Mental Health Coach and Author, Tiffany Moore, utilizes faith-based tools throughout the course to motivate you to implement scripture when communicating with God. The sessions will be bible based. 

The course will include the following:

- 1 virtual group sessions 

- 45 minute session 

- the Bible (KJV), other versions included 

- Course begins TBA 

Taking Notes

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Coaching Past the Offense 

Jump in with me! This one-on-one faith based service will provide the support and coaching needed to move past an offense.These sessions will assist you in regaining your focus, identity in Christ and push forward in purpose. 

Mental Health Coach and Author, Tiffany Moore, utilizes faith-based tools throughout the course to motivate your move into a positive direction. The sessions will be based on Tiffany's devotional workbook, "It Happened". 

The service will include:

- 1 hour session

- $55.00 per session 

- Book as many individual sessions as you like

- Prayer request is available during session(s)

Available via Zoom

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Only available to customers who have purchased the book "It Happened".

This 1 time service is available to all customers who purchased the book "It Happened"

Proof of purchase required

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Meet Facilitator 
Tiffany Moore

Tiffany Moore is a devoted wife, sister and friend from North Carolina. In her day to day life she is a client advocacy and resolution expert. Overtime Tiffany has conquered the quest of being a certified mental health coach, minister, author and business owner. Tiffany is passionate about mentoring adolescent teen girls, but is most enthused about being a disciple/ambassador of Christ. In her spare time she considers herself to have a creative mind who thoroughly enjoys  crafting projects. Tiffany is a natural born nurturer and encourager.

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