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To encourage, educate and coach our communities on how to be intentional in following Christ throughout our day to day journey.

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Biblical Principles

We value biblical principles and live by developing our communities based on the word of God.


We believe in the voice of integrity, the inner value that you will do the right thing or that you will go to someone when you are unsure what is right.


We value honesty and doing what is right for others and ourselves, staying true to what we believe and who we are in our actions and behaviors.


We act and communicate in love, caring for our neighbors as we care for ourselves and treating others the way we would want them to treat us.

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Disciple Moore is a company who follows Christ and help others reach their fullest potential through a relationship with Christ. We provide resources, encouragement, and tools to help individuals learn to grow spiritually and reinvest their talents and gifts back into their local communities.

Our Facilitator, Author and Coach provides group and individualized coaching services that show you how to break through the barriers of an offense. Our Facilitator, Author and Coach are trained to identify key areas in your life and work with you to implement a faith-based approach to solutions for personal growth. Our goal is to help you know and experience Christ in all areas of your life. We facilitate and coach through speaking engagements, testimonial and encouraging blogs, guided group coaching programs, and devotional workbooks.

We leverage digital platforms to reach those who desire to access additional training tools for their discipleship projects.

We have a small administrative team of individuals to assist with the daily operations and schedule speaking engagements for conferences, churches, congregations, arenas, talk shows, networks, podcasts, and radio shows.

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About Tiffany Moore

Author Tiffany Moore created Disciple Moore to encourage everyone to follow Christ more! Every day life presents difficult decisions and obstacles that can only be overcome with the help of Christ. As you learn about Disciple Moore, you will discover this is a faith based business that provides tools such as workbooks, scriptures, activities, prayer, and listening and interactive activities to help individuals to move past a devastating offense.

Disciple Moore was birthed when the Author experienced a drastic mind blowing offense of her own. As God led her through one of the darkest times of her life, purpose was presented through all of the pain.

Minister, certified mental health coach and author Tiffany Moore is on a mission to reach the masses to encourage you to never let an offense stop your purpose. Utilizing faith-based tools to combat the devastation of a negative mindset from the offense will allow you the opportunity to move in your Christ given purpose!

Tiffany Moore is a devoted wife, sister and friend from North Carolina. In her day to day life she is a client advocacy and resolution expert. Overtime Tiffany has conquered the quest of being a small business owner. Tiffany is passionate about mentoring adolescent teen girls, but is most enthused about being a disciple/ambassador of Christ. In her spare time she considers herself to have a creative mind who thoroughly enjoys  crafting projects. Tiffany is a natural born nurturer and encourager.

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